Alkarma Novella

Alkarma Novella


Novella is not just a compound by design but an exclusive heaven for residents. AlKarma developments have created the very unique and only compound of one-storey villas in Egypt. By designing a compound offering only one-storey homes, we have created unparalleled open spaces and the highest level of privacy.

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Striving to provide a true sanctuary for homeowners, we placed only 62 standalone villas spread on 20 feddans of which 85% is landscaping. This ensures that each home has vast green areas and an outdoor forest like feel. It also keeps the air clean, surroundings quiet and the mind clear.

Our Parks


Family park has a kids area to reawaken your imagination and sense of wonder. Brightly colored and exciting


Chill park has a gathering up area with happy Olympic pool and open restaurant, a place to reconnect with yourself and others


Open gym park has open concept gym designed to bring you added serenity and bring nature into your workout

Villa Types: Novella offers 4 standalone villas types of one-floor villas each catering to every family’s different needs and requirements. The compound also offers water features, 2 gates and wide streets making getting around a breeze. Novella has set the bar for luxury compounds that are still intimate and real.

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